Empact's work focuses on facilitating a culture of entrepreneurship in communities across the world through exposure, celebration and early stage startup support.

Empact has held over 400 events exposing young people to entrepreneurship through its Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour, supporting early stage entrepreneurs through its Virtual Speaker Series and JourneyPage Virtual Business Incubator, and celebrating the role of young entrepreneurs through its annual Empact100 liist & showcase of top young entrepreneurs age 30 and under.

Each year Empact brings together the top thought leaders from the entrepreneurship ecosystem to share and act on the biggest ideas during the Empact Summit.

Executive Team

Sheena Lindahl, President & Co-Founder

Sheena Lindahl Using creative financial strategies, Sheena became financially independent from her parents at the age of 17 - paying for her own $30,000+ yearly tuition at New York University, excelling in school, working full time at jobs that she loved, and co-founding a business.

Before joining the Tour, Sheena managed the due diligence process at GreenHills Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests $1.5 to $5 million in promising early stage high-growth companies. She was a lead teacher at Project R.E.A.D., a nonprofit organization that improves the reading levels of inner-city elementary school children.

In 2005, Sheena graduated from New York University with a major in Communication Studies. In 2006, Sheena was named by Business Week as one of the country's top 25 entrepreneurs under the age of 25 and profiled in USA Today, on the AOL homepage, and on CBS, NBC and ABC.

Michael Simmons, CEO and Co-Founder

Michael SimmonsAs a 2005 graduate of the Stern School of Business at New York University and author, teacher, speaker, and award-winning entrepreneur, Michael is able to deliver a unique perspective that connects with audiences. In 2006, Michael was named by Business Week as one of the country's top 25 entrepreneurs under 25 and profiled in USA Today, the AOL homepage, CBS, NBC, and ABC.

Michael co-founded his first business, Princeton WebSolutions (PWS), when he was sixteen years old. PWS was later rated the #1 youth-run web development company in the nation by Youngbiz Magazine. In addition, Michael has won three entrepreneur of the year awards from the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Fleet, and the National Coalition for Empowering Youth Entrepreneurship. He is the bestselling author of The Student Success Manifesto.

Arel Moodie, Partner & Emcee

Arel MoodieFeatured in USA Today, Young Money Magazine, and on ABC, NBC, and Fox News affiliates, Arel Moodie, author of the bestselling book Your Starting Point for Student Success, is an expert on helping this generation of students begin taking action to achieve their goals. Arel is living proof that, no matter what your background is, we all can have the life that we deserve.

Arel began his life on welfare in the projects of Brooklyn, New York, where he witnessed those around him being murdered and imprisoned. Yet he went on to attend college where he started his first successful internet company and was named the most outstanding graduate of his school. Arel shows students how to achieve their dreams by teaching them how to believe in themselves and by giving them the know-how that inspires action today. As a professional speaker, he has reached over 65,000 students in 39 states and two countries. For his work with young people, Arel was named one of the Country's Top Generation Y Leaders in the book, Millennial Leaders; and he is featured in the book #1 New York Times Best Selling book, Who's Got Your Back.

Always the entertainer, Arel likes to dance and has opened for the Grammy Award winning R&B group, 112.

Sarah Green, Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Sarah GreenSarah is a graduate of Appalachian State University (ASU) in North Carolina. While in school she was nominated for the Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award for her success in establishing a chapter of AIESEC, the world's largest student held organization and founding the annual High Country Global Opportunities Conference. Sarah was recognized for her achievements at ASU by having a scholarship named after her called "The Sarah Green Scholarship for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship".

While in school Sarah spent a semester abroad in Alicante, Spain, spent three months in Uganda teaching entrepreneurship and microfinance and spent two months backpacking through Central America. Because of her international experiences, Sarah developed a strong passion for social entrepreneurship and enterprise based solutions to poverty. She enjoys traveling the world and learning as much as possible about people with different backgrounds and cultures and how their entrepreneurial
journey is the key to eradicating world poverty.